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* Web Data Extraction
* Screen Scrapping
* Web Data Mining
* Data Extraction
* Web Bot
* Web Spider
* Email Extractor
* Data Extractor
* Web Grabber
* Lead Generation Software
* Amazon Scraper
* Yellow pages Extractor
* Google Crawler
* Data Mining Services

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  • Niki

    Paying HTML5 MP3 Radio FM Stream will I be able to adjust the size?

  • http://www.facebook.com/svnayak Sandeep Verma

    Yes, Amazon S3 player is easy to use … no need to configure XML playlist at all…
    Plugin will automatic generate playlist from Amazon S3 Buckets

  • geminiman7

    We purchased the Amazon S3 HTML5 player. Now I’m a bit upset, because it says NOTHING about being a WordPress plugin on the info page at http://html5plus.svnlabs.com/shop/amazon-s3-cloud-html5-mp3-player/. But after extracting the files, it only provides instructions for installing on wordpress. I didn’t want plugin for wordpress. I wanted plugin for custom website. Again, the main info page has absolutely NO WordPress reference until AFTER you purchase the script. Very deceiving.

    Does this work with both? If so, where are instructions to get it to work on a stand-alone website?

  • http://www.facebook.com/svnayak Sandeep Verma

    What is your email address?

    I can send you instructions how to setup standalone ;)

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