Backup mysql database to amazon S3

Upload SQL script File to Amazon S3 bucket using command line S3 tool “s3cmd”…

We enables customers to successfully migrate their new or existing applications on leading cloud computing platforms Amazon, Google, RackSpace for high volume transactions, seamless data sizes, and optimizing response times. Our cloud computing solutions have architectural advisory, design, development, and cloud testing to help organizations to lower capital and operating costs, accelerate time to market, and improve user experiences.


1. Amazon EC2 (IaaS), S3, ESB, RDS, ELB, SQS, simpleDB, CloudFront

2. Enterprise application deployment on cloud

3. Google App Engine (PaaS)

4. RightScale, Scalr, Red5, Wowza, SHOUTCast, Kaltura, BigBlueButton

5. RackSpace Server Configurations

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