Data Scrapping Get iTunes app data

Data scrapping

We have smart data scraping script to gather iTunes app information


1. Get application information from itunes feed and other app good directory site.

2. Scape itunes urls for each app and extract the data.

3. Extract the support url / email from the app data.

List of fields we can scrap are below.

Source Link: data links
App type: iOS (if possible break down further by iphone, ipad), Mac
Support: Developer url
Support emails: support url, support email of the developer.
App name/title
App description
Category: genre on itunes
Release date

We can provide you:

* about 600K + apps data for iTune Store
* data scrapers in python
* WordPress / Joomla website with scraped data

In Microsoft-Excel data CSV File have problems with non-English characters. You see the characters when opening with Notepad Or OpenOffice

Our Data file support uni-code characters using UTF-8 Editors


# Our Data Scraper runs weekly. If you want output data as XML, CSV, JSON, SQL etc. please contact us to order it.

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